DVAD70 Internet of Things (Spring 2022)

Lecture videos and additional material

youtube IoT channel

MIT's "The Missing Semester of Your CS Education" with an introduction to the Unix shell, version control, makefiles etc.

Syllabus, slides and videos

Lecture Topic Slides Video
1Introduction to and History of the Internet of Things IoT01.pdf video
2Application Areas 1: Industry 4.0 and Energy IoT02.pdf video
3Application Areas 2: Healthcare and Smart Home IoT03.pdf video
4Application Areas 3: Retail and Agriculture IoT04.pdf video
5Infrastructures 1: Microcontrollers, Sensors, System Software IoT05.pdf video
6Infrastructures 2: IoT Networking Protocols, Hardware, Infrastructure IoT06.pdf video
7Infrastructures 3: Application Protocols IoT07.pdf video
8Data 1: Data Collection and Processing IoT08.pdf video
9Data 2: Data Formats IoT09.pdf video
10Data 3: Data Storage and Processing IoT10.pdf video
11Security and Privacy 1: Surveillance and Behavioural Patterns IoT11.pdf video
12Security and Privacy 2: Encryption and Firmware Security IoT12.pdf video
13Security and Privacy 3: Attack Vectors and Examples IoT13.pdf video
14Energy 1: Power and Energy Modelling and Analysis IoT14.pdf video
15Energy 2: Energy Optimization IoT15.pdf video
16Energy 3: Intermittent Computing IoT16.pdf video