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Teaching Award

January 01, 2018 — Michael Engel

There are some things which I need to catch up on, since the last few weeks did not leave much time for blogging.

First, a very gratifying and unexpected event - I was awarded the University of Coburg Teaching Excellence Award for the academic year 2016/17 after only one year of teaching there. This was quite unexpected and I am very proud and happy to have received this appreciation of my work here.

The physical manifestation of the teaching award, as shown below, is a glass plate etched with a picture of Friedrich Streib, who was the founder of the predecessor institution of Coburg University in the 19th century. Quite nice and original!

Btw., this is my second teaching award. The first one was the so-called Lehrer-Lämpel-Pokel (Teacher Lämpel trophy, named after a character in the Max and Moritz illustrated verse stories by Wilhelm Busch) in the summer term 2015 at TU Dortmund, Department of Computer Science, for my course on computer architecture.

Teaching award

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