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One Year Later...

April 03, 2023 — Michael Engel

Big news, a bit late. Almost exactly one year ago (in late March 2022), I returned to Germany to start my new job as full professor and head of the System Programming research group at Bamberg University in the Faculty Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences.

In Bamberg, for now I concentrate on teaching master level courses, projects and seminars on operating systems engineering and virtualization as well as research on microkernel design for modern architectures and related topics - with a focus on implementing systems on the RISC V architecture.

We also started to gain a lot of experience implementing system and bare-metal code in Rust with great results and will continue to offer Rust as an alternative implementation language to C (along with an optional Rust programming course).

Among many other things, during the previous year I was a co-organizer of the Third Winter School on Operating Systems (WSOS 2023) and acted as program chair for the 9th International Workshop on Plan 9, which takes place in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, from April 21st-23rd, 2023.

Expect more updates soon including a report from iwp9 – I hope it won't take more than two years for another update...

Picture of the ERBA WE5 building and the playground in the ERBA park

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