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It was twenty years ago tonight...

February 16, 2018 — Michael Engel

More looking through backups (what else would you want to do when it's -8 degrees outside?)... and another pictures folder, this time from 1998!

Back then, Linux was still a (rather) new and hot thing (and without systemd!). So, our Unix user group at Siegen Uni organised some events to gain more publicity for it. Our so-called "Linux Meetings" attracted up to 500 visitors over two days on a weekend.

So, here's a picture of yours truly from Linux Meeting 1998 in Siegen and some other impressions from twenty years ago... the shirt reads "Instant programmer... just add coffee", btw.

Me in 1998 Me in 1998 LM 1998 Big Tux LM 1998 plushies LM 1998 hackers LM 1998 impression LM 1998 sign

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